Keine Ahnung : Keine Ahnung

12", €20

  • A1 Plastik (C'est Chic) 7:01
  • A2 Sentimentale Jugend 4:31
  • A3 Nacht 3:19
  • B1 Herzschlag 2:40
  • B2 Funkbild D.P.A. 5:15
  • B3 Im Himmel 5:45

Keine Ahnung was a quartet from Wörth am Rhein, Germany formed in 1980. The original line up was Rolf Schmuck, Franz H. Rodenkirchen, Elke Fuchs and Olaf Schumacher. Hermann Kopp from Stuttgart, a friend of the band, contributed a composition on their first LP and became a full member in 1985. Taking cues from Conrad Schnitzler, Tuxedomoon and Dome, the band members shared a common interest in industrial, pop, avant garde literature and cinema.

New Wave Industrial Synth-Pop Reissue