Alice Coltrane : Transcendence Antarctica Starts Here

LP, €30

  • A1 Radhe-Shyam 7:22
  • A2 Vrindavana Sanchara 4:03
  • A3 Transcendence 5:56
  • B1 Sivaya 4:48
  • B2 Ghana Nila 6:26
  • B3 Bhaja Govindam 4:33
  • B4 Sri Nrsimha 4:55

Transcendence, released in 1977, was going to be Alice Coltrane’s last studio work for nearly three decades.

It synthesizes the best elements of Coltrane’s previous works into a monumental whole.

What runs through the album's two musical halves is a powerful sense of devotion and discovery. At this point in her life, Coltrane was on a journey toward truth through sound, and Transcendence gives the listener a front row seat to her spiritual quest.

Jazz Cosmic Reissue