Cybotron : Enter Fantasy

2LP, €49

First released in 1983, Cybotron’s debut LP has long been considered a landmark release in the storied history of Detroit music and an invaluable seed that sprouted countless branches of electronic dance music from House to Techno. Founded by visionary Vietnam veteran Rik Davis and teenaged future funk freak Juan Atkins, Cybotron combined a fondness for electronic gear as favored by groups like Kraftwerk and Yellow Magic Orchestra with a dark lyricism that echoed the urban blight of Detroit and advanced prophetic environmental concerns.

This long-overdue reissue has been carefully curated to satisfy the most discerning fans, as well as provide an accessible entry point to one of the most influential electronic music releases ever. This edition features the original full-length album release, including the sought-after initial mix of the mega-hit Clear, replaced on earlier issues with its better known remix. That leads off the bonus tracks—a collection of singles, B-sides and alternate mixes that provide a complete picture of Cybotron’s enormously trend-setting style.

The original artwork is supplemented by band photos and rare label images, plus a powerful essay by noted scribe Dave Tompkins (How To Wreck A Nice Beach) that explores the roots of the group’s sound.

Detroit Hi Tech Funk Elektro Reissue