Grykë Pyje : Collision and Coalescence mappa editions

LP, €22

  • A1 Landing on Sacred Ground 1:46
  • A2 Home Brewed Bewitchment 2:47
  • A3 Collision and Coalescence 3:51
  • A4 Shrunken Friends from Tiny Dens 1:46
  • A5 A Glitch in the Jungle 3:25
  • A6 Ancestors Waving 4:05
  • B1 Spirits Arise from the Swamp 3:33
  • B2 Ways Through the Thicket 3:30
  • B3 My Introverted Sea Horse Friend 3:40
  • B4 The Cloud of Secret Pleasures 2:36
  • B5 In Search of Rapture 1:42
  • B6 Reaching for the Invisible 3:57

Jani Hirvonen and Johannes Schebler reconstruct the mesmerizing world of the Grykë Pyje swamp tribe. A return to the time when the forests, tree crowns, soil, thickets and heaven were full of continuous murmur. Or, on the contrary, a vision of a future in which the chaos of natural noises will reign. Slimy earthworms and phosphorescent bugs crawl out of the holes and gaze toward the sky. Brightly colored birds pick juicy fruits and there is no silence, because it is absorbed by the buzz of a virgin ecosystem.

Limited edition of 200 hand numbered copies on translucent orange vinyl.

Ambient Cosmic New Age Experimental