King Tubby meets The Scientist : In a Revival Dub Radiation Roots

LP, €25

  • A1 King Tubby's Longtime Dub
  • A2 Scientist's Oldtime Dub
  • A3 King Tubby's Antique Dub
  • A4 Scientist's Ancient Dub
  • A5 King Tubby's Old Veteran Dub
  • A6 Scientist's Japanese Dub
  • B1 King Tubby's Yankee Dub
  • B2 Scientist's Englishman Dub
  • B3 King Tubby's Yardie Dub
  • B4 Scientist's Asian Dub
  • B5 King Tubby's German Dub
  • B6 Scientist's Stateside Dub
  • B7 King Tubby's Western Dub

A collection of rare King Tubby vs. Scientist tracks.