Warren Hampshire : Language of the Birds Athens of the North

CD, €16

  • 01 Eve Of The Deluge
  • 02 The Falling Rain
  • 03 Zep Tepi
  • 04 Then It Was Gone
  • 05 From Lonely Hours
  • 06 I Just Didn't Think You'd Care
  • 07 Autumn's Draw
  • 08 They Glide The Hills
  • 09 Only A Moment
  • 10 Wu Wei

Language of the Birds was recorded solo shortly after completing Galaxies Like Grains of Sand and The Honey Bear with jazz pianist Greg Foat. Language of the Birds is noticeably influenced by Warrens love of walking the countryside and woodlands on the Isle of Wight. It’s also influenced by his interest in catastrophism & extinction events and the use of symbolism employed in the art, architecture and writings used to communicate knowledge of such events to subsequent civilizations.

Warrens personal folk musings hint at 60’s psychedelic folk but with a deeper connection to nature and the part we all play within it.

Jazz Folk Modern Classical Ambient