Wolfgang Tillmans : Heute Will Ich Frei Sein EP Fragile

12", €25

Wolfgang Tillmans returns with a new extended play on his own label Fragile.

Heute Will Ich Frei Sein sets an energetic tone that leads straight on the dancefloor, a space that Tillmans has observed and discussed from various angles throughout his artistic career.

While Los Angeles based experimental noise project Wreck and Reference’s beats and 808 staccato claps instantly create a hedonistic dance moment, it is Tillmans’ lyrics that contrast the simplicity of this message.

Tillmans knows that clubs have always been spaces mirroring constant crisis of "western" societies towards minorities, race and gender. In the light of current political events, it is the singers’ nod that informs us about the precarity and necessity of such spaces as no contradiction.

Picture sleeve and inner sleeve designed by Wolfgang Tillmans.

Includes download code.

Synth-Pop Experimental